Daniel Alberto Foto


Anyone can take a photo. The difficult part is knowing the composition and getting the feel to either tell a story or give the viewer something to think about.  That is where I come in. This is my passion and I would love to share it with you.

I started my company in San Francisco, CA and now reside in Stockholm.  I shoot mostly headshots, concerts, promos, wedding and engagement photography. I do my best to capture what I call "Dreamy Daze" into my photography when I'm not shooting headshots (unless it is requested and in that case, right on!).  Dreamy Daze involves a bit of a psychedelic feel with how everything looks when you're just waking up, making a surreal image.

So please contact me for prices on whatever you need or for a free consultation over some coffee or Skype. Click here for portrait and headshot information.

Email: danielalbertofoto@gmail.com  

Phone: 073 619 65 61

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